We at Claims2gain work hard to get you what you rightfully deserve. We also take you, our customers extremely seriously but don't just take our word for it, see what some of our customers think.

Mrs A Walsh was very happy when we were able to reclaim £8,428.67 from her bank.

Mrs A Walsh – from Lincoln

Mr and Mrs Robinson Successfully reclaimed £8,653 from Lloyds Bank. They are both delighted with the outcome and with the high standard of work undertaken by Hardwick Financial Solutions on their behalf.

Mr/Mrs Robinson - from Barnsley

Mr Brooks contacted Hardwick and we successfully managed to secure a payment from Barclays for £11,512.

Mr Brooks - from Blackheath

Mrs Emblem was awarded £9,150 from Royal Bank of Scotland. Mrs Emblem was extremely pleased with Hardwick’s fast and professional service.

Mrs Emblem - from Stockport

We have now received the £5000 you managed to successfully pursue for us. There is no way we would have been able to pursue this on our own and we are extremely grateful for all your help. Thanks also to Grant who was in touch in the early stages of our claim. Claims companies have a bad press and we ourselves had a bad experience with one of them previously. However our experience with you has been most positive and we are very grateful. It will certainly be a better Christmas as a result of your hard work.

Lynne and Phil Wordham - from Nottingham

Hardwick Financial is second to none; they can be trusted implicitly and will get all that's due to you without any hassle. They are a complimentary service that is hassle free.

Mr Ireland – from Crewe

Thank you very much for your help Sonia – I must admit that the amount awarded to me came as a big surprise and I thank you all at Hardwicks for your help in this matter, it has allowed me to help my daughter and granddaughter move into their new home, so it has changed their lives.

Reference 7724 - J Mills

Both my wife and myself are more than grateful for the amount of compensation we received and the speed of the payment you received for us, may I also say that the staff have been most professional in the service given the amount of compensation received. It's great and we would recommend your company to one and all.

Reference 18107\7 - Mr Alan & Mrs Cecila Williams

To date compensation paid has exceeded expectations. Hopefully more to come!.

Reference 19464\4 - Mrs Jennifer Gibbons

Thank you so much for all your hard work in pursuing these claims for me, I really do appreciate it.

Miss P Woof

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your help in this matter, especially Sarah Auld whom we found very helpful and professional throughout this process.

Reference 9349\1 - Mrs P Knight & Mr S Knight

Staff were very helpful, I am very satisfied with how they dealt with my claims.

Reference 18353\2 Mr John Smith

Staff very friendly and helpful!

Reference 7560\1 - Mr Kevin French

Staff were friendly & professional, keeping in contact and updating us regularly.

Reference 8793\1 - Mrs Jacqueline May & Mr Anthony Tattersall

We are more than happy with the service we were given at Hardwicks and very happy with the end result being and award of over £13,000. Many thanks to all the staff involved.

M Ashton-Irvine

Very quick and you kept us informed very frequently and updated us on a regular basis. Happy so far!

Reference 13279\1 - Mr Alana Taylor

Very impressed with the way everything was dealt with. We had no idea that we were entitled to make so many claims, until you became involved. We would not have been able to pursue them on our own, I am quite sure.

Reference 6102\3 - Mrs Sheila Sawtell

I am extremely satisfied with the compensation granted as I never thought it would have succeeded. The staff were very informative, constant communication by letter or phone. I am very satisfied with the excellent level of service received. I would certainly recommend Hardwick Financial Solutions to everyone as they level of service I have experienced, the expertise and professional method my business was managed has exceeded all my expectations, thank you so much for all you have achieved, you're a star.

Reference 13657\2 -Mrs M & Mr J McElhaney

All staff have acted very professional at all times. They did not let me down once, if they said they were going to phone me on a particular day and time they did!

Reference 15043\2 - Mrs Lisa Dutton

Satisfactory and very efficient service was given at all times.

Reference 18389\1- Mrs Linda Bacon

Compensation was adequate, very professional in the way that they handle us, most satisfactory, yes very satisfied with the level of services, if anyone asked me for a recommendation it would certainly be Hardwicks.

Reference 18107\1 - Mr A & Mrs C Williams

Keep me up to date throughout process, many thanks, felt personal rather than a number.

Reference 18270\1 - Miss Jayne Lowson

Very happy with the way I have been treated by all persons I have dealt with – a very efficient service.

Reference 18074\4 - Mrs June Wright

Sonia our claims advisor was the best and all the staff over the phone were very helpful.

Reference 8266\1 - Mrs Bernadene Gray

Even though this went on for a long time and we thought we would not get any compensation, we would like to thank Grant for carrying on with the case and for his care of our case.

Reference 6911\1 - Mr A & Mrs S Beattie

For the first three ratings you dealt with my case very well, because if it was left to me I would probably let things go, so I thank you all again. As to recommendation with quality there is a price, once again thanks.

Reference 6781\1 - Mr Michael Vassall

I have tried previously with another company to claim back PPI and after 14 months, got nowhere. Your service is exceptionally good.

Reference 13861\3 - Mrs Julie Dunning

Thank you for all your help it was very efficiently done.

Reference 18620\1 - Miss Janet Wilkinson

Fast, prompt and courteous. Very efficient and professional.

Reference 14199\9 - Miss Lyn Gartland

Very good service, many thanks.

Reference 18743\1 Mr Jack Sutler

Staff very polite and let me know what was happening about the claims, kept me informed about everything.

Reference 1928\7 - Miss Dawn Willliams

I was quite happy with the service provided.

Reference 12512\5 - Mr John McCarthy

Got an excellent service.

Reference 18385\3 - Mr S & Mrs P Hampshire

Staff were always polite and helpful. They took time to explain throughout. I have already recommended you to several family and friends.

Reference 14571\2 - Mrs Karen Bates

I found the whole experience good. All staff from beginning to end were helpful, cheerful and explain what's going on. I would recommend you to everyone and I will go back to you when I sorted things out with 2 PPI on bank loans. Many thanks.

Reference 11048\1 - Mrs Deborah Nicholls

I honestly did not think I paid PPI on any loans or credit card. We was pleasantly surprised to receive the amount I got.

Reference 18466\4 - Mr Fergus Mitchell

Angela has been dealing with my accounts, I cannot fault her on her dedication and commitment for doing her job. She is always very courteous and willing to spend time to explain things, a credit to your company.

Reference 14511\1 Ms Gail Jeys

Would always be nice to have got a little more!! Very happy and pleased with helpful and friendly staff when I needed to ask any questions, thank you.

Reference 14803\1 - Mrs Deborah Plant

First class service, thank you!

Reference 6138\2 - Mr D & Mrs S Shears

Although I was very sceptical at first, the outcome was very satisfactory.

Reference 18833\1 - Mr E & Mrs A Ellis

I was really surprised when I was told how much my compensation was, I would recommend your company, I was always kept informed (not many companies so that nowadays) I would like you help in seeing if I have been mis sold a mortgage PPI

Reference 8125\1 - Mrs Virginia Price

Just like to say thanks for all your help in getting my money back. Like to thank Sonia with all her help in keeping up to date with everything that was going on. Also thanks to the Hardwick team.

Reference 7291\4 - Mr S & Mrs J Russ

The ratings given reflect the help and assistance given to me by everyone at Hardwick who has been involved with my case. From telephoning you office to reaching the person dealing with my case was always smooth and easy, with no problems encountered . Calls were always returned immediately. Would recommend Hardwick to anyone as a top class firm.

Reference 19453\1 - Mr Michael Harrison

One is never quite sure what to expect in compensation terms when it comes out of the blue, but I feel that on this occasion it is was very fair. Thank you for your professional service you provided for me during our correspondence.

Reference 19842\1 - Mr Paul Tozer

I had no idea / expectation of the amount of compensation owed. A first class service, thank you.

Reference 19033\1 - Mr N Cook

I am very happy especially with the staff I spoke to. So friendly and polite, always did exactly what they said they would do. I hope you can tell them I can't remember all their names, Tom, Angela, Laura – I could be wrong, all were excellent. This is an windfall from me as I didn't think I ever paid PPI. I have already made 2 referrals to friends and family and have been singing your praises to everyone.

Reference 7383\1 - Mrs Susan Lodge

Disappointed with the amount of PPI but could not fault your service.

Reference 18931\2 - Miss Karen Malone

Excellent service, staff that I spoke to helped in every way.

Reference 8195\1 - Mrs P & Mrs F Joyce

Very polite staff, good communication, speedy response to every query.

Reference 18119\3 - Mr Steven Braley

I feel that everyone involved so far as with my PPI claim have been thoroughly professional and I look forward to dealing with your team on my outstanding claims.

Reference 8506\1 - Mr T Stephen & Mrs J Heselden

Many thanks for making it so easy to claim back my PPI. I did not realise there was so much hidden in all the paperwork.

Reference 19045\2 - Mr W & Mrs B Taylor

First Class service from the beginning to completion.

Reference 14374\1 - Mr Terry Gordon

Thank you for speaking up for the little man, it's about time Goliath got his come-uppance!

Reference 46599/2 - Tom Hastings

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