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Mis-Sold Bank Accounts

The Banks are having to refund mis-sold Packaged Bank Account fees. If you have mis-sold package bank account, Claim today!

There are over 11 million package bank accounts in the UK and we believe over 90% of them have been mis-sold.

Mis-Sold Bank Accounts are on the rise in the UK. If you believe that you may have been mis-sold a packaged bank account then Claims2gain Ltd can help you reclaim what is rightfully yours.

Packaged bank accounts are current accounts that include benefits such as gadget insurance, breakdown cover, travel insurance etc for an annual or monthly fee.

Have I been mis-sold a packaged bank account?

Mis-sold Bank Accounts are becoming more and more common, meaning that people are paying for accounts which are unsuitable for their needs. We have provided a simple checklist to try and help determine whether you have been a victim of this. If you have experienced one of more of the following, you may have a case and should contact us today on 0800 138 8200.

  • You were told that a Packaged Bank Account was mandatory in order for changes to be made to other financial products such as a mortgage, loan or overdraft.
  • You were signed up for an account without being informed.
  • The full costs and terms of the account were not explained to you.
  • You were told that you did not qualify for a fee-free bank account and that your only option would be a Packaged Account.
  • You were told that you were eligible for an upgrade to your account, however you were not informed that it would be a Packaged Bank Account or of the additional costs that would become applicable.
  • You were not asked if you had any pre-existing conditions that could stop you from being able to claim against an insurance policy.
  • You were advised that you could make a claim against an insurance policy when your pre- existing conditions meant you could not.
  • You were not told that certain items had to be registered in order for them to be covered by the policy.
  • You were not told that the monthly fee for the packaged bank account would be increased.
  • You were told that taking out a Packaged Bank Account would give you large discounts on other insurance products. When you tried to cancel the account, you were told that this was not possible.

How have banks mis-led their customers?

Packaged Bank Accounts are far more profitable than regular current accounts. Therefore banks were and in some cases still are, upgrading customer’s accounts without need and in some cases without the customer being made aware.

Do you have one of these accounts, if so the account may have been mis-sold


  • Club Lloyds.
  • Lloyds Silver.
  • Lloyds Advantage Gold.
  • Lloyds Platinum.
  • Lloyds Premier
  • Barclays Current Account Plus
  • Barclays Additions First.
  • Barclays Graduate Additions.
  • Barclays Additions.
  • Barclays Additions Active.
  • Barclays Additions Plus.
  • Barclays Additions Premier.
  • Barclays Additions Premier Life 25.
  • NatWest Silver.
  • NatWest Advantage Gold.
  • NatWest Platinum.
  • NatWest Select Premium.
  • NatWest Black.
  • HSBC International.
  • HSBC Bank Account Pay Monthly.
  • HSBC Advance.
  • HSBC Passport.
  • HSBC Premier.
  • RBS Select Silver.
  • RBS Royalty Gold.
  • RBS Platinum.
  • RBS Black.
  • Bank of Scotland Silver.
  • Bank of Scotland Classic Account with Control.
  • Bank of Scotland Ultimate Reward.
  • Bank of Scotland Platinum.
  • Halifax Current Account with Control.
  • Halifax Ultimate Reward.
  • Santander 123 Account.
  • Santander Choice Current Account.
  • Yorkshire Bank Current Account.
  • Yorkshire Bank Signature Current Account.
  • Co-Operative Privilege.
  • Co-Operative Privilege Premier.
  • Marks and Spencer's Premium Account.
  • Marks and Spencer's Premium Account.
  • Nationwide Flex Plus.

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How to reclaim from a mis-sold Packaged Bank account?

If you feel that you have been mis-sold a Packaged Bank Account, then we can help. Please contact Claims2gain today on 0800 138 8200, alternatively if calling from a mobile please call 01942 238214.

We work on a No Win No Fee basis and only charge 30% on any successful claims.

Our no win no fee promise **

  1. We will never ask for any money from you to start your claim. We take our fee's from the conclusion of your successful claim no matter how long or complicated a case it is.
  2. We do everything for you, all you need to do is speak to us and go through any information you have, we will then take care of the rest for you.
  3. Once we have been successful with your claim you get paid before we take our fee.

Why choose Claims2gain

  1. We do everything for you, its easy.
  2. We complete most of the complicated and lengthy paperwork on your behalf.
  3. Millions of £'s reclaimed for our customers already.
  4. Most of our claims are completed and settled within weeks.
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  7. Over 40 Years experience in the financial marketplace.
  8. Read what our customers say about us on our testimonial page, they speak for themselves.

** Our standard fees are 30% + vat of your total claim. If you cancel outside of the 14 days cooling off period, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee based on the work completed to the day of cancellation charged at £60+vat per hour to a maximum of £360+vat.