If this Agreement is terminated by the Client for any reason, pay C2G Limited either the Cancellation fee or, if the Claim has already been submitted by C2G Limited and C2G Limited proceeds with the Claim and the Claim is successful, the Fee or the Cancellation fee, whichever is the greater. The Cancellation fee is the calculated as the cost incurred for the work undertaken in pursuit of the claim by C2G Limited at the rate of £85 per hour, or part thereof;

(3.7) if the Client terminates this Agreement and C2G Limited proceeds with the Claim, if the Claim is unsuccessful and no Compensation is payable to the Client, the Client will not be liable to pay the said Cancellation fee referred to in clause 3.6 above or any monies whatsoev er in respect of the Claim;

(3.8) must pay C2G Limited any administration fees necessary that C2G Limited has had to pay where C2G Limited is successful in recovering the Client’s charges or premiums for the Client. This includes, but is not limited to, data protection act charges in recovery of the client's statements which shall not exceed the fee from time to time permitted under DPA (if applicable and if not already paid by the client upon request for the appropriate amount which is currently (£10) along with any court fees that have been paid by C2G Limited;

(3.9) authorise C2G Limited to recover any service charges due directly from the Client¹s debit or credit card, the details of which have been completed on the credit/debt card mandate form;

(3.10) for the avoidance of doubt not be liable for any charge in respect of the Claim if the Claim is pursued and the Company pays no Compensation except for the charges mentioned in 3.8.

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